Services- handyman repairs

Drywall Repairs


Holes around your house ? We can repair and fix like there was never a hole there. Also we match the existing texture of any wall ready to repaint. Affordable and can usually have done within one trip to your house.

Painting and Stain work


We can match any paint color ( old or new ) . We can paint one wall, one room , or multiple rooms at your convenience. We also stain and finish wood surfaces to look beautiful and with a clear protective finish.

Appliance repairs & installations


Getting a new microwave, faucet, or other appliance ? We can install your new and used appliances for you professionally and per code.

Services- home repairs

Electrical Repairs


Power or Lights not working ? Need to add a sub panel or change out an old electric panel ? We are the experts in trouble shooting and fixing your electrical system !

Solar Cleaning Program & maintenance


So many solar companies out of business and out of warranty for you the customer ? We can help ! We have a Solar cleaning and maintenance program designed for you. We ensure your panels are working and clean to accept the sun everyday of the year ! 

Roof Repairs


Do you have a leak in your roof ? Are all the Roofing contractors booked 3 months out ! That does you no good. We can help out with that fix quickly and 4 LESS !

Services- home repairs

Plumbing Repairs


Replacement or fixing of sinks, toilets, water heaters, and washer/dryer hook ups.

Tree and bush trimming and take away


Trimming of trees and bush cut back are our specialties. Trimming back annually keeps the health of trees and bushing on your property. Also we demo out old trees that are unhealthy or dead.

Retaining walls and landscape


We can bring life back to your yard with a retaining wall and new landscape. We also do sprinkler systems, programming time clocks and adjustment of sprinklers.